2013 TERE NERRE Rosso di Montalcino 93 JS

2013 TERE NERRE Rosso di Montalcino 93 JS

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6/23/2016 -  LIKES THIS WINE:89 Points

Popped and poured. I bought this bottle more for curiosity sake than anything. I was unfamiliar with the producer and the price was sub $15 so why the hell not. I was pleasantly surprised! In the glass, it presented a slightly brown-ish rim that was otherwise a dark ruby color. Red fruits dominate the perfume. The strawberries, plums and savory bits on the palate were what really struck me. This was all packaged in a body that was equally impressive. Honestly, this wine was Burgundian in some ways though it was obviously Sangiovese and paired sublimely with pasta all'arabbiata. Modern? Absolutely. Drink now.

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